About Jallen

My name is Jonathan Allen and I want to design you something beautiful. Since my early teen years I have been fascinated with graphic design and computer based arts. I have always enjoyed creating, learning, and evolving through a combination of digital and technical artistic skill. My favorite things include fonts, beautiful color combinations, communication through simplicity, and the new forms of art that technology are allowing us to tap into.

I am graduating Columbia College Chicago with a interdisciplinary major in Design and Interactive Media. I hope to combine aesthetic with coding to create a more fluid experience on web browsing. One of my greatest passions is publication design. I hope to help innovate the way we receive information on the web and mobile applications so that it can be just as tactile and beautiful as flipping through a printed magazine.

I am experienced in both web design and print. While print may be becoming less popular I like to liken it to horses. When we created the automobile we never lost use for horses. They were repurposed. I think the same can be said for print. I think its important to keep both in mind for successful communication.

I’m always happy to take on new projects because I’ve never had a project I haven’t learned from. So what can I make for you?



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